Travel Planning Service Launches

Need Advice on Where to Go When? Contact Me!

I used to do this Expert Travel Planning service for Jetsetter, where I would help clients plan everything from honeymoons to babymoons to family vacations. But recently the expert service was discontinued and I miss planning trips! So today I’ve decided to start offering the service on my own. If you need help planning your next holiday, I’m here to help. Since embarking on this journey after college, I’ve travelled to dozens upon dozens of countries across six continents. I not only know multiple destinations fluently, but I also know various markets – from budget to luxury, dog-friendly to family friendly to romantic. And because I don’t collect commission, I’ll never recommend a honeymoon hotel or villa for your family vacation based on that, and my policy is also to not recommend hotels I haven’t personally visited or that I can’t confirm has been visited by one of the other top names in travel writing (so I don’t rely on random crowd sourcing to make recommendations).


If you’d like help tailor designing a dream vacation, be it a honeymoon, a family getaway or a friends trip, then please e-mail me at I charge a flat rate fee for a set number of hours (with options to add-on) and I can help with everything from the basics of where to go when to fit your budget to creating a customized guidebook to where to eat and what to do in your destination. I’ll also search the major websites to make sure we can find an online booking for a hotel we both approve of during your stay, which you can then book easily yourself. And while I can’t book your airline tickets, I can also offer my expertise on when to book and how.

Cheers and Happy Travels,




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