A Pup’s Perspective: Sniffing Out The Viceroy Snowmass


This post comes courtesy of @JetSetPup, aka Bobbi, my Bahamian potcake rescue turned medical assist dog. She runs her own Instagram account, where she posts pictures of her travels: so far she’s been to three countries, flown private once, as cargo once and commercial more than half a dozen times, criss-crossing North America from Vancouver to Palm Springs and Washington, DC on press trips and family vacations. In January, Bobbi was invited to Aspen/Snowmass for three nights as a guest of the Viceroy Snowmass. With ski-in,ski-out access, a wonderful modern meets cozy ski chalet vibe, amazing service and excellent food, it was already a winner in my book, but Bobbi gives her own reviews… Anyway, Bobbi spent her days working, doing social media in the marketing and PR department, while I got to just ski epic powder with my friend Liv. Not a bad deal, putting my dog to work! And she does enjoy it. When Bobbi is on the “job,” whether it is assisting me with my disability and helping me safely navigate the airport or doing a social media photo shoot, she knows she’s working, and shows it. I’m a proud mama of my middle pup!  


A Dog’s Eye Review: The Viceroy Snowmass

Rating: Five Biscuits
Paw Perk: The biscuits in the room at check-in are handmade by the hotel’s executive pastry chef Ashley Jenkin
By Bobbi Potcake

I’d never been to the Viceroy Snowmass before, although my brother Duke stayed there in the summer, and he’d been raving about the biscuits for years. A few seasons back we were having breakfast at the Little Nell in Aspen (they have a dog menu there) and over our salmon scrambles, Duke described just how perfect the Viceroy biscuits were.

“They are soft yet crispy. And baked totally fresh and bursting with flavor. You know how I usually just swallow my food without chewing? Well I chewed these biscuits, Bobs…” Duke said as he licked the scramble bowl clean.


I definitely consider myself a four legged foodie, so getting to taste those biscuits has been on my mind ever since. Therefore, I was excited when mom said the Viceroy wanted us to come out for three nights so I could do some social media cross-promotion with them. I was going to chill and “potcake slouch” (my signature sit) and shoot some pictures with the marketing department, and mom and her friend Liv were going to ski and eat and drink beer and do other random human stuff. Best of all, I was getting to go solo, meaning Duke and Poppy had to stay home with the dog-sitter. I always feel bad when Duke doesn’t get to come, but my Chiweenie sister, I enjoy escaping from. Am I a naughty pup for thinking so?


It’s a 3.5 hour drive from Denver to Snowmass, and I spent most of it snoozing, tuning out mom and Liv’s gossip. It was dark when we arrived, and pretty late, because the lobby was void of other dogs. Perfect in my mind. I don’t mind meeting other pups, I’ve very friendly, but I prefer, when checking into a hotel, to have the full undivided attention of every human working in the place. This leads to the greatest potential for multiple biscuits. Especially when I open my big potcake eyes wide and tilt my head just so…


The check in biscuits were pretty good. They were liver flavored and from some gourmet dog shop, but I knew, from Duke, that the good stuff would be waiting in the room. So I was pretty anxious to get up there already (so anxious I refused to pee, which made mom a little frustrated).


It was worth the wait. Not only were the biscuits waiting when we opened the door, but so was a two bedroom corner suite overlooking the pool on one side and the ski valet on the other.


It had it’s own giant balcony with chairs for me to chill on, and floor to ceiling windows in the bedrooms and huge living space. This was a massive suite. Mom’s friend was beyond impressed. She said it was bigger than her apartment back in Denver. I was just excited to have all this space to myself and not have to listen to my Chiweenie sister’s annoying bark all day.


After obtaining the coveted biscuit (it was just as Duke had described and I savored every single bite), I took a few sips of water from the special bowl they’d provided, had a sniff at the dog bed, then retreated to the balcony to breath in the smells. I slept amazing that night! Cuddled in next to mom on the fine linen sheets. I even got to have breakfast in bed one morning.


My Takeaway: This is a super dog friendly hotel that accepts dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. I absolutely LOVE that the patio of their apres ski spot, The Nest, is dog friendly, which means you can hang out with your family after they finish on the slopes.


What Pups Get: Included with the stay, dogs get a Viceroy bag with a monogramed leash, a bandana, and homemade treats. The room is set with a doggy bed, and bowl for water.



  1. This dog is absolutely winning at life, love this post! Sorry for poaching, but we’re holding a little writing competition on creators.co which is all about travel. If you’d like to get involved we’d love for you to share some of your stories!

    1. I’ll check it out! Thanks for the feedback too. Bobbi is enjoying life now, although her early years, as a stray street dog in the Bahamas, were less than ideal. When she came into the shelter she had no fur from mange and had just had puppies. But what’s amazing about my Bobs is she never let her past hold her back or affect her present attitude.

      1. That’s incredible, happy for her! Our pup (Mika) has a similar story and is finally becoming comfortable around people again. I hope to travel with her soon!

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