Counting Down the Days until South Africa, Costa Rica & Nicaragua Travel with a side of Washington, DC + Mama Said Eat

Okay y’all. I’m going to take the plunge — why is this so hard for me??? — and just do a true old school handwritten journal style post. One where I don’t really care if anyone reads it. It’s more for me. A stream of thoughts. To remember how I felt in this exact moment. Because honestly, it’s just faster to type on this fancy new MacBook Air my family gave me for Christmas last year, than it is to write in an old fashioned leather bound journal, like the ones gracing my dusty bookshelves at home in Denver.


Anyway, it’s just about half past 1pm and this afternoon I’m headed up to Great Divide Brewery to work in my friend Sumer’s food truck, which is called Mama Said Eat. I’ve been helping Sumer (pronounced like the season, but she claims here parents were stoned when she was born and left one of the “m’s” of the birth certificate) with her truck since she began nearly a month ago today. I’m so proud of Sum. Before she started the truck she worked in HR for the video gaming industry in southern California. But she decided she’d rather be her own bad ass boss lady, and so she cashed in her chips, moved a tad bit east to the Mile High City and started this really delicious Southern comfort food truck.


Working in a food truck is a completely new experience for me. And it’s pretty fascinating. Actually I must say one of my favorite parts of being a writer is getting to slide into other careers and cultures and lifestyles for a few moments in time, and experience life through someone else’s perspective. And this is one of those times. But beyond the BBQ, I’ve also been busy putting together some upcoming travel adventures.


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.03.12 PM

Next month I’m headed to South Africa. It will be my 11th trip to the continent and my 8th to South Africa, which I must admit is my favorite travel destination on earth. It will also be my first every flight in First Class with a flatbed seat! Very excited to not be stuck in the economy section for once, and it is weird to thing of not having to back sleeping bags and multiple pillows to stuff into the holes of an economy window seat in order to survive 18 hours of flying hell. Yes, it’s that long when you fly direct from Washington, DC. I’m headed to South Africa to attend their annual travel trade show, Indaba, and I’ll be writing about the experience for Travel Daily Media. Indaba is in Durban, which I have not traveled to since writing about it for Lonely Planet, so I’m really excited to see what is new in the city.


After the travel show, I’m heading to Cape Town to visit friends and explore my favorite city in a different season and then I’m making time for a quick safari at a reserve I’ve never been to before, Gondwana Game Reserve, which is just a four hour drive from the city, before flying back to DC to spend some time with the family.

Then it’s back to Colorado and working on the truck before heading to a completely new destination in July. I’ve never been to Central America before, so I was super excited when the folks from Namu Travel invited me down to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for a week. I studied Nicaragua extensively while at Colorado College, where I double majored in African and Latin American history and politics.

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  1. Hey Becca,

    Really nice post, but you don’t have anything worry about.
    The people in South Africa are so friendly!

    Would definitely recommend heading to Cape Town. As beautiful as South Africa is, Cape Town is easily the most beautiful without a doubt.

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