You Can’t VIP Yourself, So Let Me Hook You Up: Travel Planning with Elite Travel International


When I return from an awesome travel adventure, my friends often ask about booking a similar trip for themselves. And while in the past I was able to put together some cool itineraries, I wasn’t able to directly book them into the hotel and ensure they get the VIP treatment I’m used to receiving as a travel writer.


So I decided to take the advice of my friend, and fellow rescue dog lover, Stacy Small, and join her agency Elite Travel International as a Luxury Travel Advisor.Β  As such, I can now book you into the hotels and onto the amazing tours I do around the world. And the advantage of booking with me (over say the internet) is you’ll be guaranteed A-list treatment when you stay. You’ll also know exactly what to expect from the hotel you picked, including the room’s size and views, and when you check in the management will know who you are and to treat you with utmost attention. Basically a travel advisor can ensure peace of mind on your holiday, and this is something we can all use more of. Plus, if you do have a problem, you won’t have to negotiate, as I will advocate directly with the property or tour compnay on your behalf.


Elite Travel International is a Virtuoso agency that’s powered by Cadence Travel and over the years Stacy and her team have curated personal relationships with all of the top brands, which means our clients are often given perks you just won’t get booking on your own. If this is a trip where you are planning to shell out thousands of dollars, doesn’t it make sense to get star treatment — and also know you didn’t accidentally book a room with a view of a wall instead of the ocean for your dream honeymoon.


Another perk to booking with a travel advisor is I’ve spent the last dozen plus years traveling the globe, staying in the hotels and experiencing and writing about the destinations I’m sending you to. I’ll be able to recommend what will work best for your budget, for what you are looking to get out of a holiday and also for the time of year you want to travel. I’ll also be able to recommend what to do during the day and where to eat and drink at night.

For more info or to set up a consultation, simply send me an e-mail at



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