Life Under Lockdown: Surviving in the Time of Coronavirus

Bobbi in the last normal photo I took of her about 8 hours before she collapsed on 3.26.20

Hello All You Kool Kats and Kittens…. How is life under lockdown treating you? Are you surviving in the time of coronavirus?

JK… Today is my dear friend Jenn’s birthday (and yes it is also 4/20 and yes I’ve consumed some Bubba Feit from Lightshade, but that is a whole different tangent) and she is a kick-ass blogger who likes to ask anyone who will answer whether they think Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame fed her husband to a tiger. Anyhoo, happy birthday to the one and only Rebel Chick.

We were actually supposed to be on the 8 something flight out of JFK bound for Barcelona tonight with @Jetsetpup (AKA Bobbi) for a month of travel. That was before coronavirus collapsed my world around my Grandma Jennie’s 108th birthday on March 17, otherwise known as St Patrick’s Day.

Me on La Rambla in Barcelona, which I hoped to stroll with Bobbi the day after tomorrow, circa October, 2018. 

But OMG I’ve just gone off TOPIC again. Well my friends, I’m just free writing now while blasting pandemic tunes like “It’s The End of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by REM using this sweet new bluetooth headphones from Soul Electronics (of Ludicrous fame). Also I’m kind of a brat when it comes to earbuds. The holes in my ears (WTF are those called???) are not normal sized and so many just hurt. I was stoked when these fit and suddenly I could join a Zoom happy hour without blasting it to the entire house!). It’s been a long while since I posted anything. But earlier I was talking to another one of my friends in the travel writing community and she assured me I should just start getting it all out.

And since my hand cramps if I use a pen on paper these days I thought why not just spew it into the cybersphere? After all so many others are home alone. Bored AF. Lonely. Isolated. Dealing with anxiety and depression just like me. And if you are, you know what, your feelings are 100% valid. Even if you are still fully employed or your entire family has the antibodies for coronavirus, it is still valid to feel bad in this time of chaos. Just vibe through your emotions and let them out in whatever format makes sense to you.

As for me? The last month has literally been hell and oddly that has less to do with Covid-19 than extraneous circumstances. It’s actually been super hard for me to even process the pandemic because my own personal struggles have been just off the charts insane.

So here’s the LD. Basically in February my roommate L. decided she finally wanted to move in with her boyfriend C. (I had matched them on Tinder, BTW and would later match them with their puppy, but again, tangent). They’d been dating a while, so this totally made sense.

Me and Duke, back in the day.

But what should I do? I couldn’t really afford the place I was living in without L’s contribution. I’d rented it originally because of Duke, but after he passedI didn’t need the location or the space. L. offered to watch Poppy for me for a month if Bobbi and I wanted to travel and I couldn’t turn that down! So I gave my landlord notice and booked Bobbi ad I seats on a Delta flight from JFK to Barcelona today, April, 20th.

We had some social media campaigns lined up and were beyond excited. Then coronavirus exploded across the globe and Spain shut down. It wasn’t long after that Denver and Colorado followed in the footsteps of the world. A European holiday was off the table but my landlord was happy to inform me that moving was still considered an “essential service” in the lockdown so when was mine scheduled? Staying put was not an option.

Oh wait, let me also backtrack to add my Grandma Jennie’s car, which I had been driving for like a decade now, finally keeled over on the way to the vet’s office for Poppy in the parking lot of a Jared Galleria of Jewelry parking lot on the day before Valentine’s Day. I had to call my friend, who I’d also met on Tinder, to come pick me and the dogs up. Talk about awkward destination to give. Anyway, I’m also without a car.

So I rented a car and was going to head up to my friend’s house in the mountains (this was before the mountain towns locked themselves down to non-residents). But before that could happen Bobbi woke me in the middle of the night panting and acting kinda weird.

It wasn’t totally insane behavior, but my gut said something was off, the way hers tells her before I am having a panic attack. So I found my body moving ahead of my brain and we were in the car where I was dialing the middle of the night dog ER about bringing in a patient during a Covid lockdown.

It was terrifying, the drive. It was 3am and I really wasn’t even processing why I was doing this because Bobbi hadn’t really seemed that sick except that she was panting and I felt weird.

Leaving the ER with her catheter tube still in. The Chiweenie is comforting The Potcake.

Turns out she had a 107 degree fever and was going into kidney failure.

They managed to stabilize her and get the fever down. The next day we transferred to her personal veterinarian. She thought her chronic ehrlichiosis, which she had been living with since her teen mom on the street days in Grand Bahama was flaring up and attacking her kidneys. We started antibiotics and I had to learn how to give Sub Q IV fluids via YouTube (thanks coronavirus). I also had to find a place to live in 2 days in the Denver area because the mountains were no longer an option. We had to be near the vet. My income was also plummeting due to my industry and the vet bills were quickly accumulating. My stress level and blood pressure were through the roof. The panic attacks came fast and furious. I started referring to them as “rolling panic attacks” because they never really went away.

Hazel, Bobbi and Poppy on Easter, 2020. 

I put out a desperate plea for lodging on Facebook and a woman I had volunteered with at a dog rescue fundraiser like five years ago responded, offering me shelter. She has an amazing 12-year-old pitbull named Hazel who likes to dress up. And so I find myself where I am right now. And it is now 5’Oclock. And I am tired of writing, so tune in for a follow-up later this week.




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  1. 1) Carol Baskin covered her husband in sardine oil so the tiger could eat him.

    2) I have small ear hole that don’t fit earbuds.

    3) Everything’s Right and More by Phish is a go to quarantine song. When that doesn’t work Blaze on and Down with Disease!

    4) Prayers for Bobbi.

    5) Dressing up dogs helps.

    6) If you need groceries PM me the address and I’ll send you a grocery order full of non-meat items. I’m lucky to still have my teacher pay check albeit online teaching is way more difficult.

    7) Love and light! (See More by Phish)

    4) You look good!

    5) Dogs heal!

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