Becca Blond



Becca Blond is an award-winning freelance travel and features journalist. She has authored of more than 30 Lonely Planet guides across five continents. She currently creates special interest travel guides for Afar Media, and is the author of their French Polynesia and Turks & Caicos  destination guides. She also is a Denver Travel Expert for USA Today  Additionally her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Cadillac Magazine and Travel Africa Magazine among others.

She is also a Luxury Travel Advisor with Elite Travel International, a Virtuoso agency that is powered by Cadence Travel. She has experience planning bespoke adventures around the globe, and is always accepting new clients.

When not on the road, she lives in Denver with her three rescue dogs, Duke, Bobbi and Poppy, who maintain their own dog-traveled focused Instagram account @JetsetPup.

Becca has more than a decade of experience in the industry, and is available for consulting, content creation, travel planning, branding and social media work with companies, brands and individual clients.


3 thoughts on “Becca Blond

  1. Hello Becca, I’d like to keep in touch; you wrote a stunning review on Tau Game Lodge, which has been my client for 14 years. I work with other destinations in South Africa as well as in Australia, where I am now based. Kindest regards, Tilly Dix.

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